9 Times out of 10: I Am Probably Crying Because I Want a Bagel

This is what my hair actually looked like tonight, so we're going with it.

This is what my hair actually looked like tonight, so we’re going with it.

R.J and I went out for BBQ tonight and I started crying in the parking lot.

I was tired.

Let me explain.

I was freshly awake from my fourth 2-hour nap of the day. My port was still sore and making me feel like I couldn’t take in a full breath. The anxiety from wondering if something was even more wrong and not wanting to go to the ER or mention anything to my doctor in case it was nothing and we did something extreme for prevention…you might say that concern was on my shoulders. And one last thing: I’ve been on a diet that I’ve been STARVING on all week and I haven’t lost a single ounce.


Like are you fucking joking, universe?

It’s the Paleo diet, if you’re wondering, and yes, it (like every other diet) sucks about as much as you’d imagine it would. Why Paleo? Well, I figured if I cut out bread, rice and pasta there might be nothing left for me to eat with gastroparesis. But I proved them wrong, didn’t I?


Between the fatigue and the hunger, I was just a god damn mess. What can I tell you?

Our table was ready just in the middle of this meltdown, so we went inside and R.J took my hand from across the table.

He told me a few things, the first is that I did in fact do more today than just sleep. I went shopping with my mom in the morning. I took Happy down the street to play fetch. I was out for dinner. That’s a day.

He also said that I have to give a diet more than a week to work. That I just have to keep at it.

And he said that if we look at the bigger picture–if we compare where I was:

Last Year

The Year Before That

The Year Before THAT

I might be able to see just how much life has improved.

And it has.





  • Karra

    I just happened along your story in a diet and nutrition site. You have had quite the journey. I have a now 29 yo son who has a very rare disease (condition) not fond of that word disease. None the less we live in a small place in Canada and despite he being the only person at the time in Canada and I think there was one in the US he was diagnosed here within a week of getting sick. He was two at the time. Of course we had no idea of the enormity of it all until some time much later but it’s not all bad news when looking for a diagnosis. I wish you well. My son has to stick to a carbohydrate free diet which is neither easy nor cheap but he’s alive and doing well… Thanks for all the help you give to others.

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