A Conversation with God on Dealing with Surgery Stress

Have another brownie, God. Jesus.

Have another brownie, God. Jesus.

During moments of great upheaval, I turn to god.

“God,” I say, while hyperventilating in my bed at two in the morning, “I’m having surgery tomorrow. It’s not a big surgery. But I’m still terrified!”

“Ilana!” He says, “Why are you scared? Everything is going to be fine!”

“Really? You think the surgery will go well and it won’t hurt so bad?”

“Well,” God says, ruminating on the question and reaching over to play with the sound soother on my nightstand. “You will have surgery and if it hurts, you’ll still be fine.”

“Do you think the Port will work? Am I making the right decision about getting it now?”

“It’s sweet that you think you have a choice about it, but really, Ilana–you’ll be fine. Does this thing make ocean noises?”

“But do you think this will make my life easier?” I implore, “And that the surgery won’t have complications?”

“You’re letting all of this stress get out of hand,” God says, “So what if you do have complications? You’ll be fine!”

“But what if something goes really wrong– like what if I die?”

“It’ll be fine.” God says, brushing off my fears and getting ready to hop back on his cloud and away from Boca Raton.

“Like–hey– remember that time you got surgery for your port and then your lung like totally collapsed and they had to stick a tube through your back and into your chest and leave it there for like two days where you could barely move and you STILL had to get an IV placed because your Port was supposedly “too fresh” to be used in the emergency room? You lived”

“Wh–No. What?”

“Oh–wait, what’s today?”

“It’s the third.”

“Shit–well, I’m way ahead of schedule.”


“I really better be going, you think you’re having a crisis? Bruce Jenner has me on speed dial right now.”


“You’ll be fine!” God says, half of his body already vanishing into the popcorn ceiling. “Just remember that when things get too hard to handle all you have to do is—”

And then he was gone.

I’m feeling a little emotionally bereft right now and unable to make good decisions, so please pick the following inspirational quote of your choosing.

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  • Morgan

    Hey there- my name is Morgan and I am a 21 year old college student with POTS who has been following your blog and understanding every step of the way. I have a port and access it myself twice a week and would love to talk about it if you need help/advice/anything! It’s a process, pain is part of it, nerves and fear are part of it, but also healing is part of it. You’re gonna do great!

  • Really enjoyed this article post.Much thanks again. Cool.

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