A Moment of Glamour

I kind of feel like I’ve been running in fast-forward since Thanksgiving. Between my car crash–which I thought was pretty much just a fender-bender and turned out to be a “you-need-a-new-car-completely” kind of situation, R.J non-stop working, and the multitude of family events while my sister is down–I’m pretty wiped out.

Despite the craziness and the fatigue that I know must be totally visible in my face–there is one thing that can totally and completely erase that. That thing is called airbrushing–and that’s exactly what I had done to my face this weekend as part of a very delayed Mother’s Day gift for my mom.

When I was a little girl my mom took us to get Glamour Shots. It’s a photo studio in the mall that gets you all glammed up, hair, make up, accessories and then does a big ole’ photo shoot.

It’s been a good twenty years since our last set of family (well, partial family–Alan, R.J, and Happy weren’t in attendance) photos. So I thought it was about time.

So on Saturday morning I joined my mom and sister at my mom’s house to go through our wardrobes and pick out a few matching outfits to take shots in. I pretty much stayed perfectly still the morning of so as not to waste an ounce of energy since I knew the shoot was going to take about four hours to complete.

We ended up having a great time though!

The notoriously clumsy crew tripping in our high heels.


My mom looked super glamorous–and she totally needed the update for her Facebook profile.



And I looked like I took one too many Ativan, but I still think it came out nice!



It’s these kind of events that can really zap you of your energy. I managed to stave off my sixth migraine this week until we were driving back home, and I’m really happy it worked out that way. These were such a good memory to make and I know I wouldn’t have remembered the experience the same way if I’d been trying to storm through my symptoms.


Today though (with the exception of two and a half hours–geez–seeing Lincoln with R.J) I’m taking it easy, resting up with Bear.



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  1. Carri

    I’m in bed too.

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