An Update: Silver Linings and Birthday Boys

Dreamy, sleepy, middle of the day.

Dreamy, sleepy, middle of the day.

Things are looking up! After weeks of waiting I was finally able to see the new sleep doctor today and he was great! Very genial guy, definitely sounded like he knew his shit. I was actually having a little bit of a panic attack all morning because I’d had two important phone calls yesterday and I could not remember what was said during them. Just totally drew a blank. Brain fog. I feel like I’m getting a little stupider each day. But he said the Xyrem should clear that up.

"I said--I said -- CUT THAT OUT!"

“I said–I said — CUT THAT OUT!”

But back to the good news! He said I was definitely eligible for Xyrem and that he was going to submit my prescription through the actual company’s prescription program to see if A) we could get a discount B) if we could have an easier time getting approved through insurance.

I all but wobbled out of the appointment with my mom, who thankfully has been driving me around this week so there isn’t some sleep-driving zombie out on the streets of Boca Raton. And while I’ve been nervous about staying on top of my work through all of the fatigue and sinus and bronchitis issues–ladies and gentlemen–we have a MUCH more pressing issue coming around the bend.

And that is trying to figure out what in the sciency, gamey, dorky, brainy hell RJ wants for his birthday!

“Why are you so difficult?” I asked him the other night while scrolling through Groupon.

“I’m not. I’m easy. Just get me anything that has to do with games or science or superheroes.”

But that’s what I do EVERY year!” I said while staring ahead at our giant Spiderman mantle piece, old-timey Bio-shock poster and no less than SIX vintage stylized Marvel frames in our loft.

“Take pity, I only have like half a brain lately!” I grumbled. ” And I’m the easiest. You like to watch me scramble to find you something decent. ”

“YOU? EASY? You’re the worst person to shop for! YOU HAVE NO HOBBIES!” He said.

Which is some ignorant bitch shit, because I have hobbies–they’re called writing, and blogging, and business, and food and I love them all like small furry children.

“There are plenty of things you could buy me. Every gift you bought me this year was like spot-on.”

“And you think that was easy?”

“Well, you managed it.”

“Make me a list.” He demanded.

“Of presents– for myself? IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY,” I accused.

“Biochemistry books, new games, a Besenji, boxing stuff, workout clothes, new slippers–there. I made you one–now you make me one.”

So without further adieu:

Things My Fiance Can Buy Me For My Birthday Which Is Literally Five Months Away

  • A new housekeeper
  • Anything from Brookstone that massages (especially a foot massager –I had one and it was stolen by an ex-friend.)
  • Any treatment at any Spa anywhere, anytime
  • A Ross giftcard
  • A nanny for Bear
  • Peter Shankman’s Customer Service Book
  • Any other cool business leadership books
  • Nice pictures of us and Bear
  • Take out the recycling
  • Food.
  • Credits towards the executive hospital suites at Boca Raton Regional Hospital
  • Hercules memorabilia, circa 1997
  • John Mayer.

See? I’m a piece of cake.

This kid, however:



He’s just too suave and debonair for me to ever figure him out!

Taking suggestions!