And on Date Night We Starved

Friday night was date night.

Friday night was the only time my friends could meet up for sushi. So Friday was sushi night.

Saturday was date night. And R.J and I had a plan. We’ve been on a savings kick during the week but we budget for a nice dinner once a week and so we were planning on hitting up Dada’s on Atlantic Avenue–a very zen little gastropub. We were salivating over the menu online and we were excited about it all day.

And by excited, I mean starving ourselves.

After all, we really didn’t want to ruin our appetites.

So we waded through our day, ¬†getting through our errands–mine involved sleeping and using my friend’s associate discount to get a discount on a new dress from T.J. Maxx.



And then at around 4:00pm we called Dada’s to make reservations.

And that’s when they told us they didn’t have a table open until 10pm.

Did I mention we were starving?

Okay, we decided, mistakes happen. We picked our second favorite restaurant and planned to leave at 6:00pm.

When we arrived the restaurant was packed. We had never even seen it this packed–but then we usually have dinner closer to 9:00. We put our names in and decided to walk around the block. We stopped at Barnes and Nobles. We strolled by Bed Bath and Beyond. We dipped into 16 Handles to sample some sorbet. And then we both looked at each other, agitated, starving and willing with all of our universal power to make the table beeper buzz in our hands.

We went back to the restaurant after about an hour of waiting.

“We’re so sorry for the delay. Would you like to try and find a seat outside?” The hostess asked.

This was an option? Why didn’t they tell us that an hour ago? R.J and I both nodded our heads heatedly as a waitress quickly grabbed a set of menus and marched us out back to a patio…where every seat was filled with people waiting for a table.

Nearly in tears from hunger we headed back to the waiting area and watched about six other parties get their coveted seat. Fifteen minutes later our buzzer finally rang and we raced to our table and pathetically begged for bread from our waiter when he came for our drink order.

As soon as he came back with our waters we quickly put in our order. R.J and I weren’t even speaking–we were just looking over our shoulders for bread. Where was our bread? didn’t they know all I’d had to eat today was two low-cal gatorades and some altoids? Breeeadddd….

And then there was bread.

And then there was all of our food.

photo 3Boy, if I hadn’t been so starved I would haven noticed what a hot guy I was with.

Anyways, we ate all our food in fifteen minutes without saying a word.

Next time we’ll make reservations early. Way early.





  • I can relate. My gararoptsesis is my biggest struggle right now. Nothing the doctor has me doing (not even all types of enemas) is working. Frustrating. It makes me illl, dry heaving and gagging because I am full up to my damn neck with old stool. Thank God for Noroxin (an antibacterial).