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Running Into Walls Hurts

Trying to figure out a way to word how these last few weeks has been seems almost impossible. It is difficult to try to pull together a medical team when you’re in the midst of a crisis. It’s one thing when a doctor shrugs at you. It’s another when they shrug at you and you’re...
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Post Op Port Surgery: She Lives

So I’ve had the port surgery. It’s in correctly and works. The first day was rough, but the next two days were better. Now I think the port is “settling in.” The port was inserted through an incision in my neck and threaded downward. Which makes my neck look a little like I’m always about to...
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Caring for Someone Who is Stoned After Surgery

The first time I had to go under anesthesia, I cried and cried until the lights went out. I was so afraid that I’d feel everything! But as my Grandpa told me: it will be the best sleep you ever have. And it was! But waking up from anesthesia? Well, that’s not always the easiest...
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