I have not been having a good week with customer service. It seems like every sandwich I have made and every prescription I need called in somehow gets lost in translation. It’s been really frustrating because there are so many fine details to so many things that should be so simple.

I can’t have cheese on my sandwich because I’m trying not to induce a flare before getting on a plane. I need to have the prior authorization sent for my nausea medication because I don’t have enough left to get me through the week. Am I ever going to get back the safety deposit for the wedding? And why can’t the shuttle from the resort just pick us up from the airport? 


Maybe it’s just leftover holiday sludge, but it’s driving me insane. I’m all ready to get the hell out of dodge and onwards to our honeymoon.

Packing for an eight day trip to a place that is colder than any place I’ve ever been before is a pretty hilarious challenge. The coldest temperature I’ve been in is 22 degrees, once, probably 15 years ago during a bizarrely cold Florida winter. The high right now at the resort I’m staying at is 19 degrees.

Every time I go to add something to the pile I think: Nah, I won’t need that–I already have this!

But then the thought: Well, it’s an eight day trip–maybe just to be safe….

And that is how we have nearly five bags of luggage between us.