Book Deal: Signed With New Harbinger Publications to Release Book on Chronic Illness!

giphy-96I am so excited to finally share the big news! My wonderful literary agent, Jill Marsal, snagged me a book deal with New Harbinger Publications!!!

If you don’t know them by name, head to your local bookstore’s self-help section and snatch pretty much any book at random, and it’s published by them.

Like–anyone remember those Anxiety and OCD Workbooks? They were a really prolific (and still are) tool for therapists.

I’m so excited, after the first deal fell through, to have a second go means the world to me. The book is already complete so we’re looking at a few months of editing. Their catalogs are all filled up, so the book won’t be printed until February 2017. ¬†Might have some other exciting blog events to fill my time and your evenings with though!


The book still has a working title but it is the same concept of the original manuscript–my blog, in book form, with tips on chronic illness.

It will be distributed through real life book stores and online through Amazon. I will put up a link for pre-order as soon as it’s available.

Thanks again to all who read this crazy, dysfunctional blog about my crazy dysfunctional body! Without your support I would still entertain myself by pretending Oprah was interviewing me in the shower.