But I Had Plans!

Friday I had plans. I was planning on running some errands then I had some meetings. Then it was Friday–so I thought maybe I’d go out for dinner with R.J.

Except that these things did not go as planned, because I woke up with more than a sinus infection. Now I had bronchitis to boot.

So after putting on my outfit, doing my hair and make-up, finishing up my week with Global Genes and letting Happy outside to pee–I ceased watching the walls of my apartment spin around me, sat down and realized that this was the end of my day.



The situation repeated itself all weekend. It seemed like everything I had planned to do–I just couldn’t. Even when I pushed myself to go somewhere I ended up leaning against a wall, totally out of breathe, spinning and nauseated beyond the ability to function.

Stepping out to Office Max I was like…

original (1)

And that sucked.

I know that this is just the breaks sometimes with chronic illness. Sometimes you just hit the wall before you even get out of bed and that’s a bummer. It makes me feel useless and upset that the day is passing me by and some of the weekend I was so angry about it, I couldn’t sleep–which just made me more tired and delayed me going out even longer.

And guess what? That also sucked.

It’s made me feel like a bad publicist and a shitty girlfriend and a lackluster poodle owner.

This is inconvenient for me.

This is SUPER inconvenient for me.

And it wasn’t like I could really do anything productive from home either. Because being sick makes me stupid.

At least, it feels like I have two pillows inside of my skull crowding my brain.

And I’m like I need room to stretch my lobes, dude.

I have an appointment with my ENT tomorrow and I’m seeing the new sleep doctor, who is also a pulmonologist–so that’s convenient.

Anyways, any extra-curricular cerebral activity that I had this week went to client work and my book proposal.

So this is about it.