Calling All Caregivers: Share Your Story for New Book


Just two of my caregivers (R.J, my other "caregiver" was taking the picture--hence the tall angle!)

Just two of my caregivers (R.J, my other “caregiver” was taking the picture–hence the tall angle!)

Whether its your children, spouse, relative or friend–if you consider yourself the caregiver of a patient with chronic illness–I’d like to hear from you!

I’m looking for caregivers of patients to respond to the following question for inclusion in a book I’m working on (to be published and on shelves  August 2015!) on Outsmarting Chronic Illness. These responses are for a section on support and how chronic illness affects caregivers.


Question 1: Do you feel as if you “chose” to be a caregiver? What motivates you to be a caregiver to someone with chronic illness?


Question 2: How do you handle the stress of dealing with being a caregiver for someone with a life-limiting illness?


Question 3: What can the patient you care for do to help you, thank you, or simply make your job easier?


Question 4: What has been your most challenging moment as a caregiver and how did you cope with it?



  • Please send your responses to with your name, age, and city. If your story is published, you can choose whether or not to be anonymous! The important thing is to be authentic.
  • Please send responses that are NO LONGER than four paragraphs. Try to focus your responses on the message that you feel would help a patient in a similar scenario most.