Chris Ruden: Disability? What Disability? An interview with on Young Disabled Personal Trainer

So excited to share this piece that my friend Chris Ruden was in on! Chris is a real inspiration to me as someone who is disabled and just totally does not let it get in his way. Born with a physical disability and diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, he’s a professional personal trainer with his own health-based business. He’s pretty much a total badass, and this article gives just a little insight into that!

Chris Ruden Works It All Out

Nadia Al-Samarrie   —Nov 4, 2012—Chris Ruden, a college student and personal trainer, is a very inspiring young man. He was born with a disability and was diagnosed in his first year in college with type 1 diabetes. As is often the case, he was discouraged by the diagnosis, but while convalescing in the hospital, he decided to become a personal trainer and help others in similar situations. In this interview, he tells us why he considers diabetes a blessing in some ways.

Nadia: As someone who was born with seven fingers and a short left arm and who later developed type 1 diabetes, did you struggle with the perception of being disabled?

Chris: My family was really accepting, and a lot of my friends were really accepting as well. I didn’t really think anything of it. I was in a Christian school, so I was kind of sheltered, but when I got into middle school, I did encounter some adversity that make me realize that I was a little different. Some people made comments, and I was kind of a little bullied in middle school, so I realized that people weren’t always nice. But after I made the decision to become a trainer, I realized that in order to help other people, I have to be confident and I have to be strong. What makes a person important and basically strong is how he feels about himself and how confident he is.


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