Christmas Gifts and Miracles

Well, I did it! I survived Christmas! And it was actually very relaxing. This morning R.J and I woke up and gave Happy his stocking. He was a little overwhelmed getting all the new toys but it’s been a few hours now and he’s found a way to shove all eight of them under the couch for us to fetch.

I gave R.J his gifts—many of which I’d had purchased and hidden months and months ago. I think that’s the way to do it. I had so many hospital visits through November/December I think it really would have put me on edge not to have had his gifts found. I ended up getting him some vintage comic wall hangings, a blanket (a big one from me, and a little one from Bear), some Settlers of Catan cards, and an embroidered work shirt with his full name “#1 Scientist, Lover of Bears, and Famous of the Internet” stitched in.

He got me the craziest, coziest pair of slipper-boots from Brookstone and a high-end neck/shoulder massager which was perfect!

We took a minute to reflect on our good fortune. This time last year we were both waking up at his mom’s house, not living together and having no clue we would be this December. It’s been really something special to be able to start some of our own holiday traditions—but of course, no way were we go going to skip out on his mom’s X-mas morning traditions.

Which include bacon, bacon, and more bacon.

Have I mentioned that I’m no longer eating bacon?


We walked into a flurry of ripped up wrapping paper and Happy chased R.J’s mom’s dog, Cody, around while we opened stockings and more presents. Our haul this year included some great together gifts including a few different board games (something you really get into when you can’t afford cable) and I got a purse from China Burberry from R.J’s mom, and a gorgeous spice rack from R.J’s sister.

Then I stuffed myself with bagels and lox—just in time to pack up our stuff, tear Happy off of a terrified Cody, get in the car and head back to the apartment for a cat nap before dinner at 2PM.

Now it’s close to 11PM and I’m trying to get my brain back into a working mindset. I’ve been slacking off a little since I got out of the hospital and then through the anticipation of the holidays—but I know that some of my contacts will be back in the office tomorrow and I’m determined to at least get SOME work done!

And did I mention the Christmas miracle?

On Monday morning, about five minutes before I was supposed to be there—I remembered that I had an appointment with my ENT—and so R.J and I hauled ass to get there and wait an hour and forty-five minutes in the crowded waiting room.

After a quick scope, my ENT was pretty happy with what he saw. My week off antibiotics had actually shown a lot of improvement. He said that if the infection continues to clear up on its own (once I get off Afrin) than we may not have to do IV antibiotics at all, and may be safe with nasal antibiotic drops. I still have to have surgery at some point, but since I’m no longer breathing through a nostril with the diameter or a toothpick, I’m in no immediate danger.

We can all breathe now. Even me.

Even though I know that the sinusitis is a continuous condition with immunodeficiency, the fact that that I don’t need a PICC line today, tomorrow, or next week is cause for celebration.




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  1. Carri

    How does it get any better then that????

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