Creaking and Cleaning

The downstairs closet looking a little less...overcrowded. Yes. This is an after picture.

The downstairs closet looking a little less…overcrowded. Yes. This is an after picture.

I’ve been in the midst of a major cleaning spree this week. My sister is coming to town next week for my Nana’s birthday and Thanksgiving and traditionally when my sister comes I clear out my closet and hand over anything that looks even remotely tight on me. She, being a few sizes smaller than me, has benefited from a fair share of sample clothing from back when I was working the teen crowd. I’m finally handing over my last two winter coats to her, but I knew I had a lot more in my closet to spare.

But I figured as long as I was cleaning out my closet, I should clean out my downstairs closets–because since our engagement party last year our entire apartment feels like it’s slowly closing in on me with waffle irons and pastry bags. So I started making a Goodwill pile that become a small mountain of shirts that I had forbid R.J from ever wearing again and baking pans that you could no longer see the bottom of.

After a little picture hanging and dusting

I spent a few nights this week cleaning house and I certainly felt it afterwards.

On Monday night I had a terrible gastroparesis flare up. I ended up having to knock myself out after several hours and when I woke up the next morning I was drained. Too drained to drive myself to the infusion center to my weekly IV. Which means by Wednesday I was in a pretty gruesome state and ended up driving myself down the street to the urgent clinic. I got my IV, but it was too late and the next thing I knew I was coming down with a major migraine. Knocked myself out again, but for the rest of the week I’ve been grappling with joint pain, muscle pain. But I was really grateful that I’d seen my pain management doctor the week before and we had a really solid plan of attack for this!


First thing we tried was an anti-inflammatory pill called Zipsoar. Which is similar to an 800mg Ibuprofen, but makes me a little dopier. This helped for general joint pain, but didn’t cut it for the situation I was in.

When the migraine came I tried a sample of a medication called Cambia in combination with half a percocet. This was PERFECT. Cambia is powder you can dissolve in water and tastes like straight up mouthwash. Burns your throat, but there relief was almost instantaneous and I felt more awake the next morning than if I were to try tackling it alone with narcotic pain killers.

My doctor also prescribed Neurontin for my daily pain–but it wasn’t until I went to pick it up at the pharmacy that I saw it was actually Gabapentin which I’d reacted really poorly too the last time a neurologist prescribed it–so I didn’t take it.

He prescribed Lamotrigine in its place and I just started the smallest dose of that tonight.

Knowing that I had a lot of back-ups in place gave me the confidence to really get some physically demanding errands run that included everything from trying on every outfit in my closet to determine what should be thrown out, to walking through the mall carrying a heavy package and to standing at the post office for two hours while I addressed and mailed packages to all my new bloggers.

So my apartment feels a little less claustrophobic now, and my closet is thinned out to only include the outfits that don’t give me an obvious muffin top.

The pain is an experiment. It always is, but at least I was one step ahead of it this time.

I know you haven’t seen a lot of meaty blogs from me lately. I’m about 63 pages out from finishing my manuscript and my publisher’s deadline is rapidly approaching–so I’ve been putting a lot of my mental energy into getting that out there and the rest into Global Gene’s new blog which has been a struggle on the technical side since it’s launch.

I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s submissions from my last two posts calling for responses to questions on chronic illness and sex/self-esteem/support. I’m planning on filling a lot of chapters with sections of personal stories about each topic. I will probably have another few rounds of calls for stories over the next few weeks and (possibly) few months while I work on revisions.

None of tonight’s anti-inflammatories have kicked in yet so my fingers are crackling while I type and I’m reaching my limit. I promise to be back to my regular blogging schedule at the end of next month. Bear with me!



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