Dehydrated–Disoriented–Does Not Compute?

Blue is the only good flavor.

Went to an Urgent Care clinic today to get an IV, as my doctor is on vacation. Had a good experience as far as the¬†physician¬†knowing what POTS is and immediately hooking me up to Saline and giving me a vitamin B shot. Frustrated that I’ve been dizzy and disoriented since the day before and didn’t put two and two together that I was severely dehydrated until someone else suggested I might be. My veins were totally collapsed and I did two bags of saline in under an hour. STILL feeling parched tonight, but drinking my weight in Powerade. How am I supposed to tell the difference between my normal disorientation and my body-is-dying-of-thirst disorientation?

Where’s the instruction manual on this disease???



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