Did Migraines Make Me Stupid? You Tell Me.

I can't brain today.

I can’t brain today.

So let’s say that metaphorically you’ve been bludgeoned in the prefrontal cortex with, say, a metal baseball bat–repeatedly–for at least four hours a day for about two or three weeks.

Now, metaphorically speaking it’d be safe to say your brain might be a little like that egg and the skillet in that 1990’s meth commercial. M’right?

So what if actually it had just felt like you’d been bludgeoned. Is it still possible to sustain some brain damage from the trauma?

Can continuous migraines mess up your brain?

Kids, I’m not even joking here. I’m pretty sure my IQ has gone down since I popped my head out of the storm cellar. Now that I’m looking down at the tornado path–I’m not sure I can still spell big words out loud.

And even though I’m so excited for the next few weeks (family coming down, engagement party, Thanksgiving.) I’ve still got this big dark cloud hanging over me, and I’m so irritated over little things. Like my brain being on “battery save,” which I guess, as a creative professional isn’t such a “little thing.”

Anyways. I’m feeling a little too stupid to do the research myself right now after a full day of trying to shake the moneymaker in my skull for a few quarters. Anybody want to tell me what they know about IQ dropping and migraines? Enlighten a girl.


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