Do You Work?

I’m suddenly feeling like all of my pre-engagement creeping on The Knot and Pinterest have me vastly¬†under prepared¬†to be a bride. I know R.J and I won’t be getting married for a good long while–which was discussed at length prior to getting engaged. There’s really no rush so long as we both can get insurance through our parents until we’re 26. But that doesn’t mean I can’t use this valuable time to figure out how young U.S couples afford the average cost of a wedding at $25,656.

Not enough, I guess.

Not enough, I guess.


In other news, looks like Cosmo Online will be taking up my POTS editorial. Wahoo! I’m rewriting it entirely though because anytime I look back on something I’ve written longer than three days ago–it is horrible and I am so ashamed that I have to hide under the covers and tell Happy how I should probably just get a job in data entry.