Dreamboards: Make Them. Hang Them. Be God Damn Inspired.

Each year I make a dream board. How does one make a board of dreams? Usually with 6-7 old copies of Cosmopolitan Magazine, Scotch Tape, a Poster and some dreams.

Now usually I’ll cut out words or phrases that feel inspirational, help me to visualize a goal, or represent something I want. To show you an example–this is last years.

This year was a little different.  I decided to split it up into four boards.

Next time I’ll eat before I do arts and crafts.

Ha–but really, food has become both a sweet dream and a nightmare…This year I’d like to see food become less of a science experiment and more of a calm, every-day event, one like many normal humans experience.

Inspiration quotes, skinny fitness models, etc.


Blah,  blah, dream big, be healthy, no fears, blah, blah, blah.

Gosh. I just have no idea what this one is about. Weird. Are those rings? Weird.

No idea what’s happening here. Does R.J read my blog? No reason.

Yeah. I’m not sure what’s happening with this one, but I know I’m going to laugh every time I look at it.

And there you have it. Dream big. Use that glue stick like you mean it, and hang them somewhere you’ll be sure to notice them for a few weeks before, they too, blend into the natural decor of your cluttered— ah, well decorated— apartment.