Ebola. Poverty. Terrorism. Tuna Melts.

On Wednesday an attempt on my life was made by a tuna melt.

And while I survived–it was only just barely.

And mostly consisted of me walking around my apartment repeating, “just let me die. JUST LET ME DIE,” over and over to an unsupportive Happy who was all like “can we throw the ball now?”



It was a gatorade day. Like all day and then the next day.

To make matters worse I received my complete home video studio (but really, this was awesome) what sucked was the fact that I could barely lift myself off the couch to assemble it and play with it. It was like getting an awesome new toy and being like…but it’s all the way over there.

People dying of ebola. Poverty. Terrorism. Me getting food poisoning which was most likely just a flare up of gastroparesis responding to what normal people eat normally. My life is just littered with tragedy.



The good news is that I can be pretty productive on days like this where I want so badly to distract myself and don’t have the strength to go to Target and spend money I don’t have.

Some more good news is that I think the Botox might be helping. I say this while frantically looking around for some wood to knock on–because even though I’ve felt pretty good migraine-wise for the past few days–my forehead has been throbbing for the last forty-five minutes and I’m praying it just fades away and doesn’t descend to my jaw and become Migraine Palooza 2014.

I also noticed that I can SEE where the Botox straightened my face. Like I can only raise my eyebrows so much now. Which is neat–and particularly helpful when I’m lying about something and have limited facial expressions which could otherwise easily give me away.







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3 thoughts on “Ebola. Poverty. Terrorism. Tuna Melts.

  1. I’m glad to hear that the botox is working. I just started verapimil which I think is helping my cluster headaches and migraines some, although not completely eradicating them (I so wish it would). but, any improvement is something.

    • admin

      In the thick of it all my dr. actually prescribed that for me too! I kept having crisis after crisis so I never started it (fear of adding to the pain) Would love to hear updates on how it’s working for you!

  2. I too just found your website a couple weeks ago and I wish I could be as hilarious as you are when delivering stories about my day. Do you ever find your self avoiding topics (political or otherwise) to avoid the crap storm that might follow?

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