Final Thoughts on Botox, Blog, Business and The Book

Heading back to my neurologist this Thursday for my one-month-post-shots Botox check-up. And I have to say that my final thoughts on Botox treatments for migraines:




Yeah! I’m excited to report that my migraines have almost completely stopped! It’s a miracle! Praise Oprah, I’m finally feeling better!

I’m really thrilled with the outcome so far and I’m 100% planning on continuing the treatment at this point. If you followed along on the blog you KNOW how rough it’s been these past few months. I was starting to think the only thing that might stop the skull-cramping was going to be a full head amputation. Glad we were able to stop short one step before it came to that…

This is what my face looks like when it's not scrunched up in horrifying pain

This is what my face looks like when it’s not scrunched up in horrifying pain

I’ve been able to cut down my pain medication almost completely (I’ve managed to throw my back out twice cleaning the house since then–but I guess that’s what happens when you finally have the energy to clean the house…)

The only downside to all the whole thing is that I’m realizing I have a lot of other pain that the pain medication was covering up (joint pain, back pain, just general body pain.) Mega migraine meds will certainly hide those. Now I’m kind of stumped as to how to handle it. I’ve been taking large doses of OTC anti-inflamtories. But I’d like to find a better solution before I completely pollute my liver. Guess that’s something to discuss at the check up visit.

But it’s hard to complain when I’m sitting here typing without the weight of several invisible anvils on my shoulders!

Want to know something even more insane? I’m allowing R.J to teach me how to rollerblade. I’ve gone twice now and I haven’t fallen yet! I’m only able to glide for 30 seconds at a time because I have absolutely no strength in my legs–but it’s fair exercise!  

PicMonkey CollageOther than that it’s business, book and blog–The Global Genes blog to be exact. We finally–after two years of intense planning and designing and discussions–FINALLY launched our new blog: The RARE Daily. Make sure to check out my Letter From the Editor and all the new series we’re starting this month with advice for rare disease and chronic illness patients!

As far as my book goes? I’m inching towards the finish line. My deadline is fast approaching and I’ve just got a few more chapters to go. Funny how much easier it is to write from your heart when you don’t feel like your brains are about to start dripping out your eyes.

Wow. That was a little more graphic than I thought it would be. Sorry, I should probably just get back to work…




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