Five Reasons Why I’m NOT Nervous About My Wedding or Even Tina Fey Wears Spanx

I feel eerily calm about the big day. I mean sure, I feel like someone is sledgehammering into my small intestines when someone mentions the word “dancing” or “the aisle.” But that’s a pretty minor panic attack for someone like me. I could go full on crazy here. Zero to sixty.

But I’m not–at least not yet–and here’s why:

1. The Dress Will Fit


A few months ago I was on this “I have to lose just five pounds before the wedding” kick. And I think that’s normal and healthy. Except that dieting with gastroparesis is like eating nothing but crackers for three days and then slowly eating the carb-iest carbs that you can possibly carb. And Gatorade–don’t get me started on the calories in Gatorade.

And so as my weight went up and down five pounds over the weeks and I tried on dress after dress–I realized two things: the first is that wedding dresses are the heaviest outfits in existence. The fabric is so dense–nobody is going to see any imperfections around my hips. I’m going to be wearing Spanx and a corset. Worrying about not looking thin enough is ridiculous. Is it possible that I won’t be the exact numerical weight I want to be come the big day? Sure. But it’s nothing to break down over. Even Tina Fey wears Spanx.

2. I’ll Make It Down the Aisle.


Even if my anxiety is at…like…a level of 432, I’m still going to get from one end of the breezeway to the other. I’ll have my mom and Alan propping me up and at the other end of it, there will be R.J. And also a small wood stool to lean on…you know…just in case.

3. I Trust The Team


My mom made this wedding a reality for me when she hired our wedding planner. She helped us choose all the vendors, the hotels, the design, the ambiance, helped us find an officiant, talked us through the itinerary–and she’ll be standing by with an assistant the day of to make sure it all goes off without a hitch. I’m just here for the champagne.

4) I Can Make It For a Day


Past life events have shown that even at my worst, I can get on my feet and make it happen. I think during most of these life events it’s been more of a struggle to put on a smile. But I know this day I’ll be wearing a real smile. So even if there are moments where I have to take a break for a few minutes, I think the real struggle here would be to let anything penetrating my bliss.


5. It’s Not About Me


I know that every bride says that this day is her day and sure, in some ways it is. But let’s be honest about any major life event! It’s about everyone in your life. Your family, friends, and–you know–the other person saying “I do.” Taking the focus off of me has made me a lot more zen about being the center of attention.

Any tips for not being nervous before the big day? 




  • Weddings are fun! My dress didn’t fit, and we still managed to zip it up (I’m used to wearing corsets, and I had bruises, but it wasn’t as uncomfortable as it could have been) and I still had a blast! I also tripped. Thankfully, I didn’t fall, but my heart dropped for a bit. My best friend got married after I did (by a year) and she laughed saying that my wedding day goofs made her feel a lot better about her own wedding 😛 Just remember, EVERYONE has small things happen on the day of the wedding that aren’t exactly as planned, even if they never tell a soul about it. I was nervous all the way up until the day, and then I was really excited and calm. Just breathe as well as you can, and it’ll be the best day ever!

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