Five Times The World Doesn’t Give a Crap About Your Chronic Illness

1. When there’s an excessively long line at the DMV to get your handicapped placard, and you’re getting a handicapped placard since you can’t stand or walk for long periods of time.

Shequanda don't care.

Shequanda don’t care.

2. When you’re doing an interview on live television and you have to dip out of frame to avoid openly gagging on screen.


You’re cool. Nobody saw that.

3. When you’re too sick to show up for a business meeting, so the client settles for a conference call but then you’re too delirious from a migraine to understand what’s happening on the call–especially when you’re actively trying to muffle your cell by burying it under a comforter, two blankets and a fluffy dog.

giphy (1)

As is my professional life.


4. When your dog has to go out at 2AM and your fiance has an exam in the morning.


Oh, we’re going outside.


5. When you need to use a public restroom anywhere in New York.

I'm sorry, Miss. We've never heard the term "public restroom before."

I’m sorry, Miss. We’ve never heard the term “public restroom before.”


And the mystery of why I live in Florida is solved.



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