Get a Hobby!

R.J has said for months years that I need a hobby. I told him: my hobby is business. But he said that a hobby wasn’t something you made money with. So I told him: my hobby is blogging. But he said that a hobby is something you should have fun with, that shouldn’t remind you of your illness. So I told him: my hobby is shopping. To which he said: it wasn’t a great hobby for the unemployed.

So about a month ago I decided to take a walk through Michael’s and see if anything caught my eye. We had been to one of those Color-Me-Mine places lately and I really enjoyed painting some plates. But Michael’s didn’t have any ceramics to paint and I didn’t feel brave enough to whip out a canvas. In fact, the longer I walked through the store the more annoyed I felt.

Because arts and crafts seems kind of lame to me. It just confirmed my feeling of being some bored, under-employed housewife who’s supposed to be entertained by glitter. And like video games (another one of his brilliant suggestions) It didn’t feel purposeful to me.

I don’t know. Growing up I had a lot of hobbies. I loved to sing and to act and I took sewing classes. But somewhere around high school when my energy really started to take a nose dive, I realized that I didn’t have the spare brain matter for games. Suddenly every precious inch of energy I had in my body had to be devoted to the things that needed to get done and my new hobby became sleeping.

So I left, and went back home and started cleaning.

Because something that always needs to be done when living with men: cleaning. And I like a clean house. I was scrubbing the eyeliner off my floor vanity when I realized it really looked awful. That’s kind of the thing when you’re young and you move out and you take whatever furniture you can from whoever is offering it. It needed a new coat of paint. Maybe a few coats of paint. And that’s when I finally got excited about the idea of having a hobby. Restoring my furniture would be purposeful! It would make my house look good, keep me occupied for long periods of time, and the supplies didn’t even look that expensive. Most importantly, it was something I could do while sitting down and at my own pace.

So today was my first attempt:

Not bad, huh? Next up is my desk, which I’m planning on doing in the same colors and style.

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