Girl Be Thirsty…..

It is hot up in here.

Florida. Summer. I’ve tried to pretend like it isn’t happening, but it is.

This time of year is really a beast for me with the chronic dehydration. I’m trying to get ahead of it but that means doubling my Gatorade intake and bumping my IV’s up to twice a week. Which basically means that if I’m not drinking, I’m peeing, or hooked up to an IV that’s about to make me pee–probably while I’m drinking.

All day every day.

All day every day.

I even started thinking about applying to a nursing college just so I could learn how to do my own sticks. Is that insane? It seems like a pretty sound investment for someone like me in the long run. I imagine just waking up, hoisting up my IV pole, placing a line and not even having to get up off the couch while I go about working.

Not that I don’t already have it good being with a concierge doctor who basically works around my schedule and has wifi and comfortable recliners and I can do my work there too….It’s just another way to eliminate having to work Dysautonomia into my daily schedule.

I mean…shit. If you really want to talk having it bad, all you have to do is look up my summer two years ago. I couldn’t get an IV unless I was in the emergency room–so I was ALWAYS in the emergency room. That was a pain.

Anyways, now I’m vaguely wondering if I should hire a heroin addict to teach me how to get my own vein. That’s a good idea, right?



In lower news, I’m still having gastroparesis issues. Not hugely surprising seeing as I’m having hydrating issues. Also, the new med my GP prescribed is a $45 co-pay. That’s about three times the price of each of my other ten medications. See how DIY medicine can make financial sense after a while?

(Again, yes, I do realize how lucky I am to have insurance period and not have to pay OOP for my meds–because I would be broke. Broke. Broke. Broke.)


Anyways, I’m blacking out all over the place. Time to go drink my weight in White Cherry and finish watching Orange is the New Black.


Note: My 300th post is coming up soon–you know what that means! Contest!



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