Great News About My Book–Also Bread.

Hello Bread,

My old friend.


As it turns out, underneath all the medication I was taking, I do actually have problems. Yep. That was the result of the Desipramene experiment.

Me not under the influence of stomach-numbing medication = me with excruciating pain followed by what could only be termed as complete rejection of nutrition.

Lettuce? Tomato? Strawberries? Dairy of any kind?

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 4.06.45 PM


And as I sit here contemplating my dinner of plain chicken and plain rice, it has occurred to me that I really enjoy the variety of green food I’ve been eating over the past few weeks. And when I was on the high dose of Desipramene, I really enjoyed all the nice things that nutrition brought to my life. Things like:

  • Not having cracked lips
  • Being able to stay awake longer
  • And having the energy to work out

THESE and many more benefits can be all yours (for the small price of twenty or so less invasive side effects)!


You know what was really good? Grapes.

Anyways I was signed by a literary agency.

PLOT TWIST, am I right?


It’s been a few painful months since my book deal fell through with Demos and I’d done a lot of sitting around in my pink bathrobe thinking about whether or not I should recommit myself to writing tampon instructions or website information for orthodontists. But then out of the blue comes Jill Marsal, who’d received my proposal and offered to represent me.

And while I don’t have a new book deal just yet–I think, at least for now, I’m going to shelve the whole feminine product copywriting gigs. Just for a little while.