Happy = Crazy, Me = Exhausted

Happy is driving me up the wall. We picked him up from my mom’s last night and he hasn’t stopped barking since. He’s barking because he keeps “losing” his tennis ball. And by “losing” I mean strategically rolling it under the couch/ottoman/recliner/Christmas tree so that either R.J or I have to get down, shimmy under the furniture, and retrieve it.

Wrapped around his paws.

So what do I do? I get smart. I take a table cloth, roll it into a cylindrical shape and push it under the couch to keep the balls out. And that little shit PULLS THE TABLE CLOTH OUT so that he can put his ball under the couch and cry about it.

Why couldn’t I have gotten a stupid shitsu? One that flapped around like a mop and never wanted to go outside? One that didn’t have evil plans to eliminate my sanity? Who didn’t need 500+ toys to keep him entertained?

…but overall, I think I’m just tired.

I went to my usual Monday-morning appointment to get my saline and vitamin IV expecting, like usual, to be able to come home and clean/work/write. And I had just enough energy to take him for a walk before passing out for four hours before I ever even opened my laptop. What a waste of a day!!!

Now I’m awake and still half-asleep. It’s just obnoxious!

Anyways, my weekend was pretty good.

Here’s a picture of me on Saturday preparing for R.J to give me a shot in the arm.

That’s a sexy look of terror, right?

That morning I had gone with my mom to do some damage light shopping.  I walked away from Marshall’s having only spent $16.95 on dog toys, house perfume, stainless steel cleaner, and some Bodycology body wash. Then we hit Michael’s so I could make sad, pathetic faces in the wedding aisle:

No ring, no votive candle holders.


And spent $2.99 on glittered pine cones that are slowly infecting my entire house with cinnamon-stinking sparkle.


Because what would late-November even be without pine cones?

On Sunday I dragged a kicking-screaming R.J to the doctor for a cough he’s had going on two-weeks. Then we met up with his family to get a spare fake Christmas tree they had in the garage. This was, again, particularly exciting for me because I am totally in the holiday spirit as of October 1st.

My sister is still in town for the next week so we invited her over to help decorate (and install the 9,000 branches) with us!

And wa-la!

Martha Stewart was in my living room? When!?

And that’s all for now. Tomorrow I’m going to show you a neat little trick I invented that’ll make having long IV sessions a whole lot less…freezing. Stay tuned.



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