Having an Off Day

I’m having an off day…for the past three days.

I’m like. I’m just can’t get my shit together today.

Monday was a bad day to have a stomach ache, because it’s the only day of the week that I generally get an IV to hydrate me. Monday is also the day I take my Sub-Q treatment and by the time I took it, I wasn’t really hydrated anymore.

Tuesday came with a migraine but I had things to do, so I was driving around all day. I took three ibuprofen and then a feuricet later that night. Earlier in the afternoon I’d gotten that feeling like—if I didn’t go to sleep in the next five minutes my head was going to explode—so instead I waited two hours to sleep until I was in too much pain to get comfortable enough to go to sleep.

Last night R.J brought me home dinner but I felt sick as soon as I ate, like the food was getting caught in my throat (another motility dysfunction that I’ve had before.)

This morning was cardio rehab and even though I was still having a headache, nauseated, had food stuck in my throat and was now deliriously dehydrated—I went, because I figured that some actual light medically-monitored exercising might help my joint pain.

Ten minutes on the bike had a nurse coming over and telling me to stop because I had gone from blush to white to green in a matter of minutes. I stumbled out of there and crossed the street to my doctor’s office. He wasn’t in yet so I fell asleep in the recliner of the room I get my IV in until he came in.

He started me on a Saline and vitamin B bag, which after two sticks and a couple of minutes threw me into a tailspin of nausea so bad I needed to hold my breath and drink some coke over a bucket until it passed.

Drove to my mom’s house. The saline had sort of helped so I took some spoons and did some light copywriting, made a few calls to my car insurance company and mail pharmacy, tried to figure out why my classes were costing me $825.00 this semester when with pre-paid they usually never cost more than $100. (they had me registered as out of state, have to go in this week and prove my residency)

Cloroxed down my mom’s kitchen then got Happy in the car and headed back to my house.

Did not stop. Did not pass go. Proceeded directly to my bathroom, showered off, and fell asleep in my bathrobe for two hours while Happy napped on my head.

I still kind of feel like my brain is rolling around inside my skull, my sense of smell is so warped with these symptoms that everything smells like rot to me and I’ve taken to putting scented body lotion under my nose to try and reduce my nausea from the stink.

Downloaded Parenthood, Catfish, The New Normal, 2 Broke Girls, Underemployed, Go On, and the Mindy Project. This would be me calling it a night.