Hi From The Whirlpool of Chronic Migraines

Chronic migraine.


Spent Sunday morning in the ER. Got a shot of dillauded in my arm after two percocets failed. Slept all Sunday.

Woke up with migraine. Drank a lot of water. Changed my diet–no more dairy, lots of vegetables, fruit.

No more pain meds since then. Which is like–almost 24 hours.

SO much pain. Maybe a torridol shot will work tonight.

I’m in one of those flares and if I look back at my posts I know that there really isn’t anything that necessarily stops them. They just kind of fade out. I know what doesn’t help

  • Your run-of-the-mill prescription migraine medications like topomax which nearly gave me a nervous breakdown from the side-effects.
  • Trying to fit 24 doctor’s appointments into one week to try and get to the root of the migraines.
  • CT ┬áscans and MRI’s–which have all been a huge waste of time and money

Here’s what does work:

  • Pain medicine (but only sometimes, and only some kinds.)
  • Rest, and lots of it.
  • Not adding any stress to my life. Now is not the time to take on new clients or projects.
  • Light exercise (crunches, push-ups, light weight lifting, walking)

I’m also making some changes to my diet. I’m cutting down on bread as much as possible. The only really new elements are dairy and chocolate. I’m starting by cutting out dairy. The dark chocolate I’ve been eating seems to actually help the migraines–as does caffeinated coke. I think coffee might too–but it puts my heart into tachycardia.

My point was that I can’t help you with anything. I’m working with about ten brain molecules here. And all of them are having this moment:

giphy (1)




  • Lizz B.

    Unless I catch my migraines early, they cannot go away with anything other than time. I also get headaches that will last for a few days or weeks… yucky. However, I’ve noticed that if I catch the migraine early enough, I can take Excedrin Extra Strength and it’ll make it just a normal headache that I can ignore. For some reason, that is the ONLY medication that will work. Excedrin Migraine doesn’t do crap. Just thought I’d throw it out there just in case you haven’t tried that particular medication, since it took me a long time to try the extra strength! (I realize you’ve probably tried it, but I figured I’d just drop it here for you and/or other readers)