Home Sweet Home

Swollen sinusitis face hospital glamour shot–that’s a thing, right?

Came home from the hospital early this afternoon. So glad to be back at home, in my own bed, with my own shower, with no IV in my arm!

Hospital stays are never pleasant, but I’ve had it a lot worse than that before. I was lucky enough to still be able to work with my main doctor, snag a private room, good nurses, and I didn’t have a meltdown in the cat scan.

I once had a really bad experience with the dye, where the tech screwed with my IV and somehow managed to squirt me with the dye and my own blood—in the face. So now that test can sometimes put me on edge.

I also had visits from my grandparents and a good family friend, Lisa–who proceeded to bring me a box of cupcakes, a bag of sugar cookies, and a tin of malted sugar cookies and then my mom brought me a box of cookies from publix–and then her wonderful coworkers bought me cookies–and the new issue of Marie Claire. Them’s the benefits of finally not being in the hospital for my stomach: endless supplies of cookies. Truly. Endless. Much appreciated!!!

Don’t know about you, but the first thing I do when I get home from an admittance at the hospital is take an hour-long shower and scrub every last piece of sticky-glue, tape residue, and general hospital grossness off of me.

I was also not on a lot of (well for me anyways) medication so I was still able to work while I was there.  And Happy still jumped all over me and remembered who I was when I got home.

Not bad. Not bad.

So? Not a lot to complain about here—except that I just caught up on this week’s episode of Glee and I’m STILL not buying these new characters.  It’s just not the same. Am I right?

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One thought on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Gp1

    If your up to it,your invited for brunch tomorrow. 12.30 ish.Your cousin Lisa will be here.Brit met her in NY.
    I have cookies ( fig newtons )xoxoxo.

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