Hospital Update: I’m Incoherent and Blogging

Was admitted to the hospital yesterday morning. Between the sinus infection going into my chest and the kidney infection—things were just getting a tiny bit out of control. I’d already gone through 5 IVs/shots of Rostefan, and then a few days of Bactrim with no improvement (in fact, my sinuses got worse!)

My concierge doctor had me admitted immediately instead of having to through the whole drama of the ER and I was able to see a nephrologist, ENT, and an infectious disease doctor that day. Infectious disease prescribed me to IV antibiotics—Ventamaycin….and the other one I have going now, but the IV bag is too far away for me to read.

About five minutes after they started the Ventamaycin drip I broke out in a total rash and started itching like crazy—so next came the Benadryl. I also had to go down for a kidney ultrasound, and a cat scan of the chest and sinuses.

The general pattern of my life seems to be pain and illness followed by blood results that say ‘Oh, we’re just fine in here. No worries.”

It just makes a whole lot of sense. All of the time.

ENT did a quick scope and prescribed me nasal spray and saline. I’m already taking some allergy medicine as well.

And I think nephro is waiting still for the ultrasound results.

This morning I woke up struggling to move the right side of my body. I’ve had a TIA before, and that’s kind of what it felt like—especially since it was immediately followed by instant-migraine.

So add fuiricet to the menu.

As you can imagine I’m very out of it. (So please excuse me if I’ve messed up any phrasing/spelling)  But I did have some good ideas for posts yesterday and I’ve already started taking pictures for them, so hopefully I’ll post again later tonight.



  • Gp1

    If someone has to have this illness give it to me.Do a trade-off. Lonis much too young and good and beautiful to be deprived of a normal life.