How Healthy Can I Stay Up Until the Wedding Day?

We’re getting real close to the big day. So I’m trying to be extra vigilant about taking any and every preventative treatments that I know of.


I have (by and far) passed the deadline where I can change even one milligram on any of my daily medications. So anything I do has to be outside of that scope of treatment.

So I’ve:

  • Started taking Cod Liver Oil with my morning meds
  • Started taking Vitamin B supplements on every morning but Tuesday (when I get the shot at the infusion center.)
  • Continuing riding my bike for about an hour a day and doing 100 crunches and 10 squats a day. (And taking low doses of pain killers before I go to sleep so I don’t wake up in spasms.
  • Avoiding dairy, anything spicy, and fried foods.

Unfortunately, despite my best anti-germ efforts, I still managed to get a sinus infection. This is not a big deal. It’s totally par for the course with PIDD especially in the October-March months. Over the weekend I started taking Omnaris and started a new round of antibiotics. My doctor is so understanding now that he’s really seen my immune system in “action” and even told me that if it doesn’t start to clear up in three days to call him so we could make changes.



I’ve gone into defense mode and it’s something that’s on my mind all day. I think about

  • Did I take all my morning medication?
  • Did I take my first IV bag of the day?
  • What can I eat that won’t screw up my stomach before 10am?
  • How long can I ride my recumbent bike for before it zaps all my energy for the day?
  • How much work can I get done before my fatigue knocks me out for two solid hours?
  • How many bottles of water have I drank so far?
  • Did I take my second IV bag of the day?
  • Going to the store–hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer.
  • Am I saving enough energy to be able to walk the dog later?
  • Stay two feet away from people at all times.
  • How many mg of sodium have I had?
  • Do I have enough energy to go upstairs and get the IV pole I left by the bed?
  • At what point do I cancel dinner plans based on the severity of the tremors from the migraine meds?
  • No touching your own face. Ever.
  • Propel Sport. Gatorade.
  • IV #3
  • Did I take my night meds?
  • Do I need more pain meds so I don’t wake up in agony?




Oh–and one more thing I’m doing?

Nettipot! As a chronic sinus sufferer I live, sneeze and breathe by sinus rinses. They come in all shapes and sizes and I think they really make a difference.

Make no mistake though–They are hard to get the hang of. The actual Nettipot, which looks like the .gif, is actually the one that I’ve found the hardest to use:



If you’re a starter, first try using some saline sprays like these:

Layer-16Don’t fear the cleanse! It may feel like you’re hosing down your brain, but you’re really just cleaning out your sinus passages. They go way up into your forehead, so it’ll feel funny, sure, but it’s safe!

NSL-00044-3Nettipots come in a variety forms–like the one above. (Which, for the life of me, I can’t figure out how this is any different from a regular bottle in terms of ease of use or delivery…)

But my favorite is the Neilmed brand in a squeeze bottle. It’s easy to clean, easy to tilt and use.



And remember to NEVER use tap water, only bottled/distilled water.



I’m going to go rinse my face out.