I Have The Shakes So I Need That Kate Spade


My great grandfather died from choking on his dinner. He had Parkinsons and when I was younger I thought–what an interesting way to die!

But living with tremors? Not the middle school science experiment I thought it would be. Now, in unison, my neurologist and GP put me on 250mg a day of Depacote. It has worked wonders for my migraines. I have had several migraine free days in a row! I’ve been riding my bike and doing crunches every day this week!

It’s been pretty sweet.

The side effects are just two small things. Tiny really. inconsequential.

The first is that my mouth is really, aggravatingly, painfully, lip-bleedingly dry–For which no lozenge or toothpaste or mouthwash has been able to make a bit of difference.

The other is that I’ve been having tremors. But theses aren’t choke-on-your-dinner tremors. No, these are just drop-the-open-bottle-of Propel tremors. These are embarrassingly-trying -to- fish-your-credit-card-out-of-your-wallet-at-the-10-and-under-cashier-line tremors. The almost-scratch- your-eye-out-trying-to-put-in-your-contact -lenses tremors.

Which are just a little frustrating–but only when you don’t want to look like a complete idiot when trying to pull things out of your purse.

oh, that? That's just every god damn thing I OWN.

oh, that? That’s just every god damn thing I OWN.

Or when you’re writing a blog and asifogesarh fdifja adifirirfj.\\\

Still, a little tremor does not hold a candle to a major migraine, so we are in polite acceptance mode.

Work is busy. We’re gearing up towards our annual patient summit and gala. All hands on deck. The gala and summit are in Huntington Beach, CA. This close to my wedding, I’m not going to invoke a monumental flare up, so I’ve decided not go, but to work online and watch the livestream. I’ll post a link on the day of to the stream.

Still making major headway with my book, a few more papers to sign and then hopefully I can share some more details. I’ve also tried to take on some more articles so I can save for the days off during my honeymoon.

On Thursday, I went to get my eyes checked and after fumbling with my purse and credit cards, knocking over a bottle of contact solution and then spilling half a pack of Altoids in my car–I decided I really needed to get a grip and a change of pace.

I totally overuse Jenna Marbles.

I totally overuse Jenna Marbles.

So R.J took me to the mall where we had a nice dinner and walked around and, our mall (being in Boca Raton) well it’s what you would call high-end. Its the kind of shopping mecca where you will not find a white plain t-shirt for under $45.

But sometimes–just a few times, you feel like all of your troubles can be pushed aside if you can just pluck a Kate Spade off the shelf and twirl around and imagine a world where your pocketbook is so expensive, so luxurious–that all you ever put in it is a sterilized wallet, iPhone, and maybe an inhaler. MAYBE.

Don’t worry, I was able to get a grip before tanking our wedding budget.

We can label this moment “alternative therapy” right?





  • Tiffany Smith

    Try 400mg Riboflavin for your migraine. It works. Thanks to my Cleveland Clinic neuro for the heads up. Dysautonomia sucks ass!!

  • Ugh! I’ve recently developed a slight tremor, but it’s not quite that bad (though I am pretty close to that clumsy on my own, even before the dysautonomia). Mine pretty much only happen when I’m trying to get my fingers to grip something, or do any detail work. They also happen when hungry or exhausted, but that’s an “always have” kind of thing. My tremor, however, is not medication related, it seems to just be a new symptom. I wish I knew a way to stop it, but I don’t, sorry. You might be able to do a kind of modified mindfulness meditation if it’s constant, but I have no idea if that would work at all.

    I’m really glad your migraines are gone and you’re feeling well enough to get in all that exercise! I know that light exercise helps my POTS out, so hopefully it will do the same for you! (Either way though, exercise is probably good for at least one thing, even if it is just preventing anything else from deciding to quit.) I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that the tremor vanishes when you’re body gets used to the medication, and that, at the very least, it’s gone on your wedding day!

  • Shawna Lee

    I’m on 1500mg depakote. I shake so badly sometimes that I can’t do eyeliner or mascara, and I just painted my daughter’s entire pinky a few hours ago. But it makes a huge difference in treating migraines so I suck it up. I might ask my husband for a Kate Spade wristlet, though, for my suffering.