I Survived Christmas and my Brain is Okay

Sorry. I’ve been bad about updating the last two weeks. Between the holidays and the cycle of falling apart and putting myself back together–there’s been little time to catch up here–especially when I didn’t take off work from any of my jobs for break. 

A quick update on my brain situation: MRI came back clean and I haven’t had a migraine since just before the holidays (hurray!) My neuro and I put together a good emergency plan involving torridol shots, but thankfully I haven’t had to use them yet!

Instead I’m having blood pressure issues again (plummeting BP and racing heart upon waking.) Started midodrine again last night.

But let’s take a few steps back, shall we?


R.J and I had fun opening presents on Christmas morning. Here’s a video of me going through my stocking which had epic amounts of Lush Bath Bombs, candy corn and popcorn jelly beans!


 Then we gave Happy his gifts…


Crashing from Christmas

photo 1


This is what Atlantic Avenue looks like with your head face-down on a table at Sazio’s. I was supposed to go there for lunch with my mom the day after Christmas…but we ended up spending an hour looking for an open restaurant and by the time we sat down I had to leave before I fell asleep at the table.

The next day I was doing even worse and knew I needed an IV. So I headed to the urgent care clinic where I’d gone a week earlier. I was checked in and all ready to go….

photo 3


…And that’s when they got the call that their doctor was sick and wouldn’t be coming in. And their nurse practitioner? Didn’t know how to set up an IV. Bummer.

Thankfully Dr. Santa Maria agreed to come into the office (on his vacation) to set me up with an IV while he did his rounds. I got lucky.



Eureka! Hydration!

Next up: New Years Resolutions. Did I manage to complete all my goals from last year? Stay tuned..oh the suspense…




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