I Think I Love You: iNeed Neck and Shoulder Pro Massager with Heat

Over Christmas R.J bought me a neck massage from Brookstone.

You complete me.

And I think I’m in love.

Oh with R.J, definitely–I knew that….but the neck wrap….

Headache? Gone. Back pain? Gone. Happy off the couch because it scares the shit out of him? Gone!

It might be a steep investment for some, but had I known how much this would have helped me…say…several years ago…I would have cashed in some savings to buy it.

I’ve found it really helps me when I feel a migraine coming on. Usually when that happens I’m frantically calling around seeing where I can get a massage within the next fifteen minutes before it get so bad I can’t see straight. But now I can just throw this on, sit back, and help myself.

It’s all about having tools, little tools here and there that can give you back some spoons.