I Was Born and Then We Ate

On Friday night, the day before my birthday, R.J threw me a big party at our house. We invited all our friends, he prepared a huge Italian meal (with two different cesar salads and garlic rolls picked up specially from the best garlic roll place in town.) It was really thoughtful of him!

And this was the Peanut Butter and Raspberry Cake he got me…so delicious!

We played Cranium and I got to see all of my friends which is getting harder and harder as everyone is getting more and more employed.

On Saturday morning my mom took me to get an outfit for work and then for pedicures and a smoothie.

See—for me, special holidays, birthdays—they all mean one thing: food.

I’m a gastronomical Jew. It’s in my very DNA that I equate special occasion with food.

For the last few years this hasn’t meant that on January 19th, we go out for sushi—my favorite kind of food. But this year we had a different idea. We decided to go to Silver Pond in Fort Lauderdale.

Silver Pond is a restaurant we used to frequent when I was a little girl. It’s a constantly overcrowded, authentic Hong-Kong Style restaurant. This is no American Chinese food with our deep-fried, starch-soaked “chicken” bites in orange-sesame sauce. No, this is the real deal.

And I…I was so excited. I was almost more excited to bring R.J there than I was to even eat there myself, just because I KNEW how good the food was—somewhere very deep inside and far back in my memory I could remember as a six-year-old eating my weight in the most potent garlic-covered lobster and outrageously grease-less fried rice.

Alan had just gotten a new camera so we had lots of pictures from the night…

R.J and I in front of the Koi Fish. There are other fishtanks there too–like the ones you can see your dinner in!


It was majorly crowded that night–although the host kept insisting that this was a slow night. What was interesting was that they actually divided the restaurant into three rooms: the old people, the young people, and the old and young people. Not going to name names but we ended up in the old/young people room. Just saying.

We were pretty excited to get to our seats.

Well–except for Alan who was being a really good sport considering there was almost nothing there he could eat since he’s Kosher. You’re a trooper, Alan. A real trooper.

But yeah–I wasn’t missing this meal for anything. Are you seeing the lobster that I’m seeing? I ate that.

The meal started with a winter melon soup. Which is not like the crappy wonton soup you get at your local mall. No, this is the soup of the gods. It had shrimp..and mushrooms…and peas…and the tears of angels.

This was Alan’s dinner…Not the best thing on the menu. Let’s put it this way: it almost had too much salt for me.

Because it’s common knowledge that when you come to Silver Pond you will really not have room for dessert, they give you orange slices and fortune cookies instead.

Celebrating the age of maturity




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