If You Were a Pillow I’d be All Over You by Now

angry1Continuing on… Today my fatigue got progressively worse. Blood pressure sank. Pulse raced. Blacked out every time I stood up. I had my mom take me to Dr. Santa Maria to get checked out. We’ve been talking about changing my beta blocker for a while now (I often have these periods where they completely lose their effectiveness) and the side-effects from them aren’t exactly a party either. But now–a week before our vacation–is no time to mess with my heart medication.

Because messing with my heart medication could cause a myriad of crap including: dizziness, vertigo, low blood pressure, tachycardia, fatigue, nausea…

However NOT doing anything about my beta blocker could cause: dizziness, vertigo, low blood pressure, tachycardia, fatigue, nausea…

So. There’s that.

After some theorizing, comparing and contrasting–thinking back on what has and totally hasn’t worked–we came to the topic of narcolepsy. I mean, it’s pretty familiar to what’s happening with me. I get incredibly fatigued with almost no notice and have to fall asleep wherever I am,¬†immediately.

I know I'm reusing this one, but god damn--it just applies, you know?

I know I’m reusing this one, but god damn–it just applies, you know?

So we started discussing some narcolepsy medication like Provigil. It might be something I try when I get back from St. Augustine. For now we’re trying something else. Low-dose…something. Crap, I’m sorry this doesn’t help anyone but have I mentioned I’ve got a little bit of brain fog going on? It has to be made at a compounding pharmacy so I won’t be able to start it until tomorrow night. But that’s okay, all I have to do is write two blogs, about 50 follow up emails, prepare interview questions for that celeb mom, and then find a way up my staircase without dying.

So that should be doable.

Or I could just fall asleep right here on the couch.





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2 thoughts on “If You Were a Pillow I’d be All Over You by Now

  1. Mary Ann T

    As someone with the same diagnoses (plus a few more), I highly recommend Provigil. I had the narcolepsy symptoms too – would fall asleep while driving, pitch forward into my computer while typing. I slept anywhere from 4-8 hours in the daytime. They tested me for sleep apnea and tried CPAP but that had no effect whatsoever. I can no longer tolerate beta blockers at all due to the fatigue. I have SVT so if I have an episode, I take a beta blocker. If that doesn’t work, then I’m off to the ER. Hope the Provigil works for you. It is a lifesaver for me. Hoping eventually that my daughter (similar problems) will be able to use it so she can eventually leave the house!

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