It Kills All Sinus Infections Or Else It Gets The Levaquin



Also known as “breakfast” for those of you with dysautonomia or PIDD


Do you ever feel like all the living organism in your body are slowly dying in the most incredibly uncomfortable way? Oh, wait, that is happening because I’m on Levaquin.┬áLet me bring you up to speed:

Three weeks ago: Sinus infection. Start Augmentin for three day.

Three days ago: Realize sinus infection is not only back, but back with a vengeance.

Yesterday: Spoke with my doctor and he immediately called in Leviquan (which I usually start taking via IV when my last oral antibiotic fails, but thought we’d try with the oral form before we got too fancy. This might be a mistake. We’ll see.)

Today: Started the antibiotics. Feel like I want to jump out of my skin, I feel so bad. Just ick. In that weird freezing/burning/shivering/drowning in salt kind of state.

Sinus infections breed migraines and toothaches for me so I had to spend Saturday night completely conked out on painkillers and still wanting to decapitate myself.


“Ahhh. That’s better!”


Um. Anyways.

This has been a jam-packed week with everything from Jewish holidays to meetings with the florist and wedding planner for the big day, to R.J’s big day! He turned 26 on Friday night and we took to the skating rink like a couple of badasses and I clumsily made me way around the circle one time before crawling to the stands where I could sit and watch without breaking my ankle.

After that we headed back to the house for some cake and beer (and chipotle for R.J of course.)


Thanks for asking, I AM still clapping myself on the back from the epic gift I managed to get for R.J. This shall hang on our walls until we’re old and grey. If you’re a dog person, maybe you also have this insanity where you sing to your dog–and you want the dog to feel involved so you start swapping out the lyrics for your dog’s name. We do that. This to the tune of “Independent Women” by Destiny’s Child.


As of yesterday we are at the three month countdown to our wedding. No one ask me how much I have left to do, okay?


These will be dropped in the mail tomorrow morning, so let’s just say I’m at least no longer humiliatingly behind schedule.

Apologies for the wait between posts, but surely there will be many posts on how chronic illness head butts with big, expensive ceremonies on an immovable schedule.

Yeah. You’ll hear from me soon.




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