IV Making Your Arm Cold? Here’s the Solution. (BAM! I Just Improved Your Life!)

Over the years, I’ve thought a lot about this.

Sweaters just aren’t made correctly for someone who is wearing an IV. You seem to only have two choices: Wear the sweater, or don’t wear the sweater. You can’t just put on a sweater, get an IV, and then take off the sweater. You’re stuck with that sweater–it might as well be cemented to your body. It’s a problem.

And this isn’t a momentary decision. This is a real commitment. You could end up wearing that sweater for hours, possibly days.

But then you think, hospitals/doctor’s offices are so cold. And the freezing cold water in the IV? It’s making me even more cold! How can I possibly combat the cold without making a lifetime commitment to my hoodie?

The answer?

BAM! I just improved your life!

Hand warmers! Grabber, Inc. was kind enough to send me out a few dozen samples of these a few months ago. I thought they might do something to comfort one of the common symptoms of pots which causes freezing cold limbs: poor circulation. And wouldn’t you know it? I had this idea while getting my treatment on Monday.

I used one package (two per pack) and using some paper tape I fastened one right below the needle where the plastic tubing was and one directly above it the needle to stop the saline from making my hand numb and useless.

It actually worked out great.

You can buy a whole box (about 40 pairs) for $29 on their website. Not such a bad deal for not such a bad idea 🙂