Juice, Joints and Genes: Where Did I Go?


I’m pretty sure I’m the only 23-year-old in the cardiac rehab gym, probably just as sure as I’m the only 23-year-old buying a vibrator…for my arthritic knees.

You can take that to mean that I’m still working out, which is working out—except for the backlash of joint pain. I’ve been drinking this juice drink for senior citizens. Joint juice. I’m pretty sure it’s doing nothing but turning my tongue from its original blue-powerade shade to a luminescent purple.

I know I haven’t posted much in the last two weeks. This weekend was my mom’s fiftieth birthday and I literally spent months orchestrating the world’s greatest 50th Birthday Surprise Party. Like gluesticking the ever-loving crap out of gemstones and Styrofoam balls to make completely unnecessary centerpieces.

But she’s such an amazing mom. She deserves to have my love demonstrated in the amount of glitter forever stuck to my coffee table.

Alan also took us to see Wicked on Sunday and it was amazing. I also amazed myself by driving passenger style on the highway four times without vomiting from motion sickness. I feel like I’m training for the day we have to take the dizzying, triggering airport ramps on our way to an even more dizzying, triggering airplane ride at the end of the month. In twenty days. Gulp.

Wicked was great though. How do people sing like that for four hours without passing out? It’s so impressive—the stamina—the lung capacity…

I started working for The Global Genes Project this week. Don’t expect to see any major changes on the blog until World Rare Disease Day later this month. WRDD is like the Superbowl of the Rare Disease world. There’s so much to be done, so many participating organizations and events—it’s an interesting time to walk into the mix, but I’m really loving it so far. Back when Today’s Teen was a non-profit it wasn’t really like this. The people who work for Global Genes are some of the most driven and passionate “employees” I’ve ever met. Everyone has a story…mostly moms who deserve nothing short of gold medals not just for what they’ve done for their own kids—but for the community at large.

I do a lot of copywork….a lot of public relations work…I’ve had a pretty crazy career for someone who has only been out of high school for five years—but Global Genes is so different from everything I’ve experienced. You can write the back of a thousand shampoo bottles but never truly know how your words are going to impact people until you write about something like this.

Not that I’ve actually written anything important myself yet, I’m still downloading all of the information and programs and partners and people and projects—and I probably will be for a few more weeks before I can really sink my teeth into things!

That’s all for now. My google calendar looks like a three-year-old took his rage out on it with a red appointment stamp. So hopefully I’ll post again before I start needing a walker.



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