Lego—and Let It Go!


I’ve worried you so much, I’m sorry. It’s not so bad.

Okay. I ate four garlic rolls and a bowl of pasta twice the size of my head while sobbing over the Disney Channel’s showing of Bolt last night, but COME ON IT’S A SAD MOVIE.


The dog gets lost. From its person. 

Like, I can’t even IMAGINE if Happy got shipped across the country from me and had to make his way back to me with nothing but a false sense of reality, a stupid cat, and a poorly drawn map from Waffle House.



But anyways, I’m on the mend, really. The migraines are settling and I’m exploring my options, including going nocturnal (that’s not a joke. R.J is actually on night shift until October, so it is something we’re thinking about.)

And good news has flowed into the river of my life—starting with the addition of a nephew. That’s right! Meet—Le Geaux! (Pronounced “Lego”)



My sister and Joey adopted him just a few days ago and he’s already brought so much joy and good luck to our family. Joey went in to get his scan for his last round of chemo and radiation and received a NED (No Evidence of Disease) Scan for pancreatic cancer! Feeling so blessed and grateful. I’m really excited for both of them to be able to enjoy this time as puppy parents and all of the late nights of crate training and chewed up shoes and soiled carpets and pure fucking JOY that dogs bring to life. Because they do. And nobody knows that better than me.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 9.34.58 PM


They even look like cousins, don’t they?

I know it’s been a rough couple of weeks, but I’m going to just try to slap some water on my face, some band-aids on my bruises, and not touch any of my medications until AFTER my mom and I get back from the Dysautonomia International conference this weekend.

I’m hoping the airplane pressure won’t set off my symptoms too bad, but somehow, after what I’ve been through these last few weeks—it’s hard to feel like there’s really anything that could knock me down hard enough to make me cancel the trip. (Knock on wood.)

Looking forward to meeting others who go through what I do on a daily basis and just call it “life!”

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