Less Than a Month Till the Wedding

Video coming soon...I told you I was trying!

Video coming soon…I told you I was trying!

I promised myself I wouldn’t blog again until I made the video on how I use my port. I recorded half of it, but things kept getting in the way of finishing it.

I’m getting married in less than a month. Who knew weddings could be so time consuming?

I also did some extra freelance pieces for a local magazine–gigs that I have totally loved and been excited to do. It’s been a while since I actually sat down and interviewed someone in person. I had an interview with a millionaire matchmaker to see how her job worked and all that she’s experienced over the last 25-years of matchmaking.

Made me really happy that I never had to actually date anyone else besides my fiancé.

Trying to make a video the morning after a bad migraine--not the most flattering of takes.

Trying to make a video the morning after a bad migraine–not the most flattering of takes.

The rest of my work has been going smoothly, but it’s been scheduled around everything from dress fittings to gift wrapping, family dinners and baking carrot soufflés.

I’m really glad I started shopping for the holidays so early, otherwise I would have been massively stressed out. As it is, I already made one huge mistake this week.

It started with a regular week of mini-migraines. I call them that because they’re not just bad headaches that have not matured to hysteria, they’re headaches accompanied by trouble seeing, nausea, and bad tremors. I was taking a rotation of medications in my effort to save my brain from narcotics while giving up on the idea that I’ll have a fully functioning liver at 40.

800MG of ibuprofen–> Torridol IV –> Cambia

And again. And again. And again. Until finally on Friday night I just gave up and took the percocet. That night was so blissful, I slept like a baby who had no brain at all.

Things were okay for a night or two. And then they weren’t. I had a migraine that came on really strong. I took a half percocet, a cambia, and another half perococet, two IV’s–I couldn’t figure out why nothing was working. Finally I fell asleep.

The next day was alright, but I realized at one AM that I’d forgotten to pick up one of my night medications. I could have kicked myself. Missing this night med was BAD, I knew I’d be sick in the morning and boy was I.

It felt like all of the gross feeling side effects from the narcotics plus the withdrawal from the pain meds were seeping out through my skin. I woke up at 7AM and took a bath with my sunglasses on while giving myself an IV. It was a very glam moment.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.50.57 PM

Labels for things at the reception.

Today was my second dress fitting. I was pretty excited to see how much length they’d cut off of it (I’m short, if you didn’t know that from reading my blog, which why would you?) But standing on the dais while they pinned and hemmed for an hour was torture. I won’t even have to stand that long on my actual wedding day. I think I’m going to be sitting on a stool during the ceremony.

They also completed the final design for the port cover–which is now a lace overlay that I can’t wait to share pictures of. It’s really beautiful.

I went with my mom (and her dog, Sabrina) over the weekend and got some giant, dangling crystal earrings for the wedding. Mom came over with a gift for me–a light-up  figure of a puppy with a yammakah and a driedel. It looks just like Happy. And he’s terrified of it.

Unlike my mom’s dog, who is always serene enough to be carefully placed in a sling and carried around like a quiet, elegant princess.

My mom with Sabrina in tow!

My mom with Sabrina in tow!

I’m so excited to show all of you the many pictures and videos about the wedding and and all the details–but that’ll have to wait until after the big day! In the meantime you can check out my wedding website.

I WILL get to that “How I Use My Port” video this week.

I promise.

Well, wait, maybe not promise.

I have some serious good intentions, though.