Lets Feel Better and Shae Eclectique Team Up for P.O.T.S Giveaway!

Today on Lets Feel Better, I have a special surprise! We’re doing a giveaway!

[And the crowd cheers…]

I decided there really needs to be more free shit in everyone’s life and I’m happy to be able to get other people to supply it for you. I’m actually working on a few different upcoming giveaways—but today you’re very much in luck.

Today’s giveaway is sponsored by

Shae Eclectique

If you’ve trolled any P.O.T.S community anywhere online—you’ve probably run into Shae. I know she was one of the first people I stalked upon meeting everyone. Why? Because she’s ridiculously talented and has the most badass (and okay, maybe the only) line of P.O.T.S jewelry ever!

Just look at this ridiculousness!


And Shae has been kind enough to offer my lovely readers a chance to win one of her gorgeous pieces!

This one—Right here!


Even though I know we ALL want one, life is unfair—so we’re only giving away one! So that we can keep things fair and honest we’ll do it like this:

Rules to Enter:

  1. Comment on this entry with your name and email and post the link to your favorite item for Shae’s shop!
  2. For an extra entry, you can twitter a link to the contest with the hashtag #POTSAwareness. (make sure you mention in your first comment that you’ll be tweeting it!)

How will a winner be selected?

I will write down everybody’s comment number on a slip of paper (I’ll write your number down twice if you’ve tweeted) and pick out one number at random from my Global Genes Hope Hat!

Best of luck to all who enter—the winner will be selected next Thursday night–April 18th. Make sure to check back to see if you’re the lucky winner!