LetsFeelBetter.com Featured on In Sickness and In Health Podcast

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I was SUPER honored to be interviewed for the In Sickness + In Health Podcast by Cara Gael who is a crazy talented podcast host. During our interview we went over social and family issues related to having a chronic disease, my book, and what kind of difficulties those with rare diseases run into.

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As part of her coverage of Dysautonomia, she also touched base with Lauren Stiles Esq. Lauren is the President and Founder of Dysautonomia International and she is a force to be reckoned with as far as bringing the best doctors, scientists, and researchers to the cause of autonomic dysfunction. She also holds the annual dyasutonomia conference which I will FINALLY be attending this year with my mom.

Lauren shares some funny anecdotes and some really informative stuff about the umbrella condition.

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