Lucid Dreaming: Finally Sleeping

I did a drastic medication change on Tuesday night after increasingly bad joint and muscle pain got a little out of control. I had been trying to wean myself off the desipramene and last night I ended up just going ahead and putting myself back on my original highest dosages of 75mg. I felt …fucking MOUNTAINS better today. Like, night and day. The pain dramatically decreased.

Later in the afternoon I laid down to take a nap and had my first ever lucid dream experience.

Mmm..Yep. Yeah. Yes.

Mmm..Yep. Yeah. Yes.

Holy crap was that confusing.

Lucid dreams are where you’re dreaming, but you know you’re dreaming so you can effect some subjects in your dream to do what you want them to do. It’s very surreal and you keep thinking this is weird. I want to wake up now. This is WEIRDING ME OUT.

Among other other serious and important topics I dreamed about

  • the expansion of my back patio (that is not a metaphor.)
  • how, and I asked myself to quote myself later, because dream-me thought this was very wise, “No good memories can involve party supplies.”
  • Some six-year-old boy holding a lighter under my tongue until I noticed what he was doing and pushed him away
  • A roommate making me feel bad because I asked him if he could go upstairs and grab my inhaler because I was having an asthma attack (that felt pretty real in the dream.)
  • getting a room assignment to a room that had the words “Spanky” written on the sheets and vowing, “I can’t have this room. It is very clear that someone has had sex for money in this room.”
  • The condo behind my condo being knocked down and realizing there was a pristine pool there in it’s place.

Waking up was like being plunged into cold water. And my first thought was “I’m awake? But of real this time? Yes! I’m awake!”

So much for not going into REM cycle during my naps? Certainly felt like some deep sleep. I’m still a little scatter-brained from it.

I mean, I couldn’t even handle Inception as a movie.



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One thought on “Lucid Dreaming: Finally Sleeping

  1. Jen

    Wow. I know this probably isn’t the right place to tell you all of this but I stumbled upon your blog from the POTS group on Facebook and then hopped over to your article on Cosmo and it was like the heavens aligned and I couldn’t believe that someone, somewhere knew exactly how I felt. I don’t have a POTS diagnosis, just a suspicious doctor who believes I could be having dysfunction of both my autonomic and sympathetic nervous symptoms. But I like you, was sick for an entire lifetime before being diagnosed with my most serious problem – Chiari Malformation – in 2007. It wasn’t until this year though that a doctor was willing to see it as a problem. I too moved out and actually across the country, where I’m trying to make it through school and working full time, just to not have to give up everything I love to move home. I can’t wait to dive into your blog more. I write or wrote, when I wasn’t quite this sick, a lifestyle blog and would love to talk about my chronic illness. You are inspiring.

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