Making Chronic Fatigue My Bitch (if you give a mouse a cookie.)

Who remembers this cute kids book? I do! And today I was all about the cookie.

“If you give a mouse a cookie…

..he’s going to ask for a glass of milk.”

Today at around 4:30, I was totally done. And normally around 4:30—I’m so ready to be  “done” that I let it happen. But lately things have been different and you know why? I’ve actually been feeling pretty good.

In fact, today I returned to cardiac rehab!

Which ROCKED! I was so ready to actually MOVE my body that I couldn’t wait to get back on the machines. I did thirty minutes on the recumbent bike and another 15 on the treadmill. I only went at a speed of 1.5 since I have to start from scratch everytime I’m absent for more than a week, so that was kind of a bummer—but hey, it’s (another) start.

And was I “done” after cardio rehab? No. I went grocery shopping. Then I came home and walked Happy. Then I made myself lunch and cleaned the counters. Then I wrote copy for three hours. Then I was done.

AND THEN I GOT RIGHT BACK UP AGAIN and had my mom come over at work so we could go for a walk with Happy. And then I went to Target.

SO TAKE THAT CHRONIC FATIGUE. Whose bitch are you now? Mine. Whhhhatttt…

Moral of the story? If you give me a little bit of energy—I’ll inevitably want more and more until I’m normal.

Damn it. Now I also kind of want a cookie.



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One thought on “Making Chronic Fatigue My Bitch (if you give a mouse a cookie.)

  1. Carri

    Sounds like you visited The Giving Tree. Take as much leaves as you need.

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