Midodrine Might Actually Be Working? (Mini-Update)

Wow–I don’t want to jinx it–but I think the Midodrine is really working this time! This is round 3 for me with this medication and this is the highest dose and most frequent I’ve been prescribed. I’m taking 10mg three times a day. I’m no longer huffing and puffing after walking around for ten minutes. I walked through the mall with R.J for two full hours yesterday. I did come home and fall into a tremendously deep sleep for three hours afterwards–but actually during the walking I felt fine. Good, even. I’m hoping this continues!


Thought I’d even go so far as to measure my BP/Pulse today. Here’s what’s going on so far:

Time Blood Pressure Pulse Last Ate Action
8:30 91/63 114 Night Before After Waking Up. (standing)
9:20 79/55 109 Ensure/Banna Peanut Butter (fifteen minutes earlier) Had to sleep. (standing)
11:30 90/62 101 Ensure/Bannana/Peanut Butter at 9:00AM After waking up (sitting)
1:53 109/71 92 Leftover Chicken, rice, shortbread cookie, water About half an hour after eating. Sitting)
3:00 101/64 93 Water Sitting down, working, drinking water


But I really haven’t moved today since I spent most of my afternoon working online. I got out for a few walks with Happy but nothing too back-breaking.



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