Mini Update: My Life Will Be More Exciting Coming Soon…

It’s totally starting to hit me that I’m leaving for two weeks this weekend!

Well, technically, I think it hit my stomach first and my brain a few days later.

But I’m feeling pretty decent now and I’m actually really excited. The treatment center sent me over some paperwork to fill out. And I think I’ve got my protocol worked out for the plane ride. What I’m hoping will help me with the motion sickness on the plane: altoids, xanax, zofran, seabands, cola, oxygen, and lots of distracting technology. My plan is basically to get really drugged up and sleep through the whole thing. We have a night flight from 8-11PM, so that should make it a bit easier.

Then we’ll be taking a taxi to the hotel and we have an appointment at the center the next day at 10AM.

My mom got me a ridiculously large suitcase and I started packing yesterday. It’s supposed to be like 30 degress in Texas this week–and so as a Floridian, I’m vastly underprepared for that kind of weather. When I went to New York the last time, in Decemeber, I pretty much just ended up wearing everything in my closet at once.

I may a have a similar strategy this time around.

Just kind of biding my time until Sunday. And by biding my time I mean distracting myself with work, work, more work, mopping the floors, changing the sheets, washing the dog, and eating soup. I’m so over soup.



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