“My Ass is So Much More Spectacular Than You Even Know”

Having an invisible illness is a lot like having naked pictures of yourself floating around the internet. Except they’re not really pictures of you. They’re like badly photo shopped naked pictures of you. You see them and shout, “but that’s not what I really look like!”

But the internet already has an opinion, and it’s that the skin tone of your ass is a lot more tan than your face.

It’s like trying to escape a bad reputation. People think they know this whole story about you—except they don’t have all the facts so your character is horribly misrepresented and trying to restructure the rumour into something positive is basically impossible.

And so whenever someone pulls up that naked picture of “you” you’re finally just like…


You just kind of see the picture, sigh, and say “ but guys, my ass is so much more spectacular than you even know.”

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One thought on ““My Ass is So Much More Spectacular Than You Even Know”

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