My First Car Accident–Oops.

I’m fine. The people that I hit are fine—but I got into a car accident.

(This is a photographic reenactment) I was too busy freaking out to snap a picture.


I felt like I needed to preface this entry with that, which was exactly what I told my mom when I called her yesterday, crying hysterically, from the side of the road.

Boy, this week is just filled with firsts—huh?

I was a little too shaken up to write about it last night, but yesterday was my first big oops when it comes to driving.

I’m very serious. I’ve never been pulled over. I’ve never had a ticket. I’ve never even be towed for inappropriate parking. I’ve been driving for six years. That’s pretty good for a 22-year-old, right? Well, my clean slate is now… not so clean.

It happened at around four thirty yesterday afternoon. I’d had virtually no sleep the night before (same goes for R.J and my doctor who I must have called three times after midnight). Then I spent the afternoon at his office getting an IV and trying to catch up on my sleep in a recliner.

I got in my car and was ready to head back home to get some real sleep. It was raining. I passed through a school zone, going twenty miles per hour. Then I headed into a long line of cars preparing to make a right turn. The light was red, but cars were slowly turning and I was stopping, then going, for about two minutes before it happened. I’m not sure what had me so distracted, if it was the rain—or I had just gotten lazy because of the stop and start rhythm of traffic, but all of a sudden the cars started moving quicker and I figured—great, green light, let’s go.

Except it wasn’t a green light.

And bam.

Next thing I know I’m read-ending the car in front of me…which in turn rear-ends the car in front of it.

I just remember that feeling of my car bashing into the one in front of me and being like….whoa, I’m actually wielding a two-ton weapon here.

Well, it didn’t take more than ten seconds for the waterworks to start and I shakily got out of my car and ran up to the other two people to see if they were okay. They were. The car in front of me was a small white car with two men and a woman, but the minivan in front of them was a mother and two kids. And my heart just sunk.

Because if I had two kids in my car and someone even got CLOSE to me—I’d be ready to throttle them, no matter how small of a bump it was.

The hood on the white car was a little bent in, and the bumper on the minivan looked like it might have had some paint scraped off it. I didn’t even look at my car until about twenty minutes later, but it too seemed to just be some minor paint scrapes.

I called my mom while we waited for the police; by the time they both got there I was hyperventilating. The police decided not to issue me a ticket as it was just a minor accident, but my insurance would have to cover the cars in front of me.

And it took another twenty minutes for my mom to get me to calm down and remember that

  • I have insurance, and this is covered…
  • Nobody was hurt, including myself….
  • Nobody’s car was totaled; it was all minor damage that everyone drove away from…
  • She was there, R.J would be there in twenty minutes with a friend to drive my car back home while she took me back to my doctor to get checked out.

So moral of the story; I was really no closer to death yesterday than I am on any other day—which was never really all that close to begin with. And now I know that crying hysterically can reverse four hours with an IV in just fifteen minutes.



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5 thoughts on “My First Car Accident–Oops.

  1. Carri

    Great last sentence

  2. […] mean here she is getting in car crashes every other day and as you can see here and here—that’s a pretty common thing for a POTS […]

  3. I’m glad no one was injured! Car accidents are scary, even if they are minor.

  4. Chanel

    Today, of all days in the world. I got into my first accident. I was driving home. Listening to the radio, which wasn’t blasting and just driving. No phone in my hands. Just both of my hands on the wheel. The guy in front of me was driving pretty slow and all I wanted to do was just to get home. I switch lanes and was driving by the guy who I was just behind and then I needed to get back in the lane I was just in, so I turned on my signal letting him know, I needed to get over I looked at my side and rear view mirror moving over to the other side and bam. I had side swipe this guy’s jeep. My very first accident on the way home. Man, we both pulled over I put on my flashers, I got out of the car walked directly towards him, apologized for causing the accident. Saw the damage, it wasn’t dented and then I looker at my car and at first was relieved cause I didn’t see any damage, but he showed me where you can see that it had been side swipe. All I could say is, this is it, I’m done. I’m dead. I have NEVER got pulled over by the police, no tickets/parking tickets ect. My driving record was squeeky clean. He didn’t want to get the police involved so he asked me if I had insurance, which I do, I gave him my insurance information and cell number. When I got home, I didn’t know how in the world I was going to tell my mom. Here I am 25, an responsible adult and driver and here I am coming home with a side swipe on the car. It was either me being the first one to tell her or the insurance company. Now, I am afraid to drive again. I am just going to give it to God like always!

    • Katie

      Hi, i know this thread has been inactive for a while but i had the same thing happen to me 3 days ago and i am so freaked out…
      I was slowing down at traffic lights and i had boots which had small heels on them, and so i went to brake but my foot slipped off and my heel caught the brake instead, so i didnt brake properly. i ended up bumping the car in front of me but at very slow speeds im talking below 5mph. The driver got out and i panicked so my car stalled and slightly hit her car again but even less than the first time. she came over to question me and i was completely unaware of what to do. she asked for my details, and stupidly it didnt occur to me to ask for hers…when inspecting the damage there was nothing wrong with either car, she had a towbar on the back of hers so i think i hit the towbar rather than the car and thats what prevented damage. she said she’ll have her car checked up and if there was nothing wrong she wouldnt report it. if there was something, she would call me and claim. im now freaking out because i have no name or number for her and im in limbo i guess…how long does it take to get a car checked out, and what can i do about this? i didnt call insurance because if she wont claim then i dont want to report it and have my payments rise, but at the same time if she chooses to claim and reports it but i dont report it too then my insurance will get angry at me….im also scared to drive now. what should i do?

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