My Kingdom for CAMBIA

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 11.25.39 PMGod bless Cambia, you know?

You don’t?

I guess it must be new on the market. Completely unrelated to Cannabis, Cambia is a migraine medication. It comes in a small packet and it’s a flavored powder you mix with a few ounces of water. I want to kiss my pain management doctor for introducing me to it. (And fighting with my insurance company about providing it. And then going through a patient program to provide me with it when Cigna REJECTED it. Thanks Cigna.)

It tastes like mouthwash and feels about the same even after you swallow it. I have to put up a pretty valiant fight not to immediately throw up, but if I keep it all down it feels like the medicine rushes straight to my brain and almost immediately starts to kill the migraine pain. Like a good kind of brain freeze.


The downside? You can only take it sporadically and not in combination with any other NSAIDS. This usually means I’m at least half a percocet down before I decide to take it. And I have to immediately lay down and try to sleep after drinking it because it causes a vague, out-of-body head rush.

But it works. Stings the absolute shit out of your throat, but it works.

I’m pretty sure the secretary at my neurologist’s office thinks it’s joke every time I call to ask if round two of my Botox treatment has been approved by the insurance company.

“We’ll call you when we hear from them.”

“But it’ll have been three months on the 30th.”

“Then we’ll call you on the 30th, after the insurance company calls us.”

“But wouldn’t the insurance company approve it BEFORE the 30th if the 30th is three months from when I last had it?”

Silence. Then: “We’ll call you. When. They. Call. Us.”

Maybe I’m being unreasonable, but the backlash from this migraine is making me really unsympathetic to the whole over-crowded, under-paid medical assistant’s plight.I’m trying to be less of an asshole, but boy does pounding head pain inspire that in me.

Even though I haven’t had my main background/medical history/ plan of action first appointment with my new concierge doctor he’s been available to me for emergencies which has been really reassuring.

Next update: find out the insane amount of toys I got for my dog for christmas. (Spoiler: they will still all probably fit under my couch and that’s where they’ll all be in a week.)




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