My Week in Wedding Planning, Work, and Insurance Relief


Today has been so much better than any other day this week before. It wasn’t really a stiff competition, but it was worth letting my shoulders relax enough to keep my bra straps from cutting slits into my shoulders.

Yesterday was exhausting between work and some unwelcome symptoms. I kept trying to fight the compulsion to take a nap, so when I finally laid down for one–I was knocked out for three solid hours. R.J had already come home and been playing DOTA for like an hour before I even started to wake up.


Everything has worked out with the insurance. I have about a $500 deductible for my infusions. I had already planned for something like this so I put down $250 on Tuesday and will put down the rest when I come in next week. I think I have a $1500 family deductible and I doubt we’ll reach that before January. Went to pick up my prescriptions today and finally exhaled when I saw that my prescriptions were ringing up at just $10 each. Phew. Bullet dodged.

That was really a load off for me.

I also got some checks I’d been waiting for from some of my freelance gigs (frankly, checks that I thought I wouldn’t see until next year at the earliest. SURPRISE!)


Don’t get attached, Nikki. Those are going to Blue Cross.

Tomorrow I’m meeting the caterers, florist, venue coordinator and my wedding planners at the venue to do a walk through. I didn’t end up finding shoes for the big day just yet. But I’ve been putting together little wedding gifts for some of the wedding party that I think are turning out really well.



Just got back from the walk-through. Even though Delray is only a few exits from my house, driving on the highway is terrifying. I really need to do some visual training for my depth perception. I got to the venue at 10:00 and met my caterer, florist, the venue coordinator, and my wedding planner and we did a walk through the entire venue talking about where food and tables and chuppas are going to go.

I’m really glad they’re all on top of it, because all I could think during the appointment was does my stomach hurt because I’m nervous about the wedding and this is making it real–or is it because my first choice of normal food was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. (Okay, two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.) (Eaten in the car on the way over.)

First thing first we went into the reception area. It’s an old (but well preserved) gym from the 1940’s. It’s got these really beautiful exposed wood beams and a whole balcony in wood wrapped around it. It’s a little bare without the decorations, but I’m pretty excited to see it all dressed up.



We (myself, Joni (my wedding planner), the florist, the caterer and the venue’s manager all took a seat on the gym’s stage to talk table placement and lighting.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 6.52.27 PM


When we’d wrapped up organizing where the food, bar, and gift table were going to be set up, we set out to the other side of the property to check out the ceremony area.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 6.54.22 PM

I slowly walked down the aisle counting my footsteps. 79 steps. I felt like I was in a daze as we talked about how the chairs would be aligned and what kind of blockades we’d have in place since the ceremony takes place in the middle of a pretty noisy and crowded place (especially during the holidays.)

We took a quick look around the cocktail room to see where to set up the Mediterranean platter and the bar.



Ok, these pictures are really not doing it justice. It’s going to be crazy beautiful with it all set up.

Okay–want to see some actually beautiful preview of the big day? Check out this snazzy collage I made on my phone:



Yeah. So. There you have it.



More wedding adventures to come soon!